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Here are some comments from our customers.

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Fall 2012
DRASH™ as All-Hazards Resource

“DRASH products are simple and reliable and offer us a cost-effective means to strengthen our department's ability to perform as an active all-hazards resource. No partnering agency we have worked with has ever walked away without complete satisfaction.”

-- Chad Jenkins, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the Hamilton County Health Department in Indiana.


Spring 2012
DRASH™ Mobile Command Post

"The support of DRASH team and the DRASH shelter systems have provided the Regional Mass Fatality Response System with an asset that is not only scalable, but gives both New Jersey and NYC the ability to integrate this equipment. The DRASH team has been invaluable to our mass fatality training and supporting the Regional Mass Fatality Response System.”

-- Dennis F. Mazone, Deputy Chief of Detectives for the N.J. Division of Criminal Justice.


June 2011
DRASH™ Mobile Field Hospital

“Having DRASH systems in place to serve as triage, staging and treatment areas certainly cuts down on the surge that our local hospital would experience during the week-long event.”

-- David Adams, Operations Supervisor and Preparedness Coordinator for Special Events at Riley County EMS.


February 2010
DRASH™ Medical Surge Facility

“We spent a lot of time researching the different shelters out there, but we ultimately decided that DRASH best fit what we needed. The shelters are portable, easy to set up, flexible and durable. If these things are able to withstand conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are sure they can handle anything we throw at them."

 -- Dr. Thad Hummel Woodward, Regional Director of Event Medicine in southern California, Kaiser Permanente


February 2010
DRASH™ as an Incident Camp

“Once again, our mobile hospital has demonstrated its utility. Even though we were not called to support medical operations at the explosion scene, our shelters were able to support the rescue workers, law enforcement personnel and federal inspectors who responded to the incident."

 -- Len Guercia, Operations Branch Chief, Connecticut Department of Public Health on deploying part of the state's  DRASH field hospital as an incident camp following an explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant


Fall 2009
DRASH's Flexible Design

“We originally purchased the shelters to act as an alternate site from which we can perform our central services if something ever happens to our building. But over time, we’ve found that we can use the shelters for several scenarios, such as mass immunization.”

 -- Stephanie Grimes, Public Health Coordinator, Madison County Health Department in Indiana


August 2009
DRASH™ Rapidly Deployable Design

“I can tell you that having used these shelters, it makes a difference. It gives more planning time to the soldiers who need it. It saves lives and gives them the time to plan their operations.”

-- Brigadier General Terry “Max” Haston, Assistant Adjutant General of the Tennessee National Guard


May 2009
DRASH™ Support

"I can not thank you enough for the assistance the DRASH team provided to our agency during our recent training in Staten Island, NY. The expert assistance you provided and the use of the J Shelter enhanced our training experience more than you realize. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to the mission."

-- John Scrivani, Deputy Director, NYC OCME Special Operations Division


May 2009
DRASH™ Command and Control Equipment

"Having the display system was critical because it allowed our command staff to see exactly what was going on in the field in real time, helping them mitigate situations that would normally occur if we didn’t receive that kind of information from the scene. And when you’re able to see everything going on on one screen, it really helps ensure that everyone is on the same page."

 -- Charles Murph, Jr, Interoperable Communications Coordinator, Alabama Department of Homeland Security


May 2009
DRASH™ Support

"Thank you so very much! I really appreciate all the time and effort...the DRASH Team at DHS...put into transporting, assembling and monitoring the J Shelter and helping our staff whenever asked at the 25th Annual Older Americans Festival. The tent was used as the goody bag/lunch bag station, which made it easier to organize and distribute to the 3,500 seniors in attendance. Most of the seniors come each year to the Festival and they reminisce about the previous years and what they remember most. They remembered the J Shelter from last year and were amazed to have it once again at the Festival...We appreciate DHS Systems and the Army for volunteering and donating their staff and equipment in support of our efforts to give honor and respect to our most valuable resource - our senior citizens."

-- Stephanie R. Jackson, Aging Programs Secretary, Top of Alabama Regional Coucil of Governments


April 2009
DRASH™ Customer Support

"It is always a pleasure to work with the DHS team. They’re great professionals who know their product well and consistently go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. During this demo they did what they always do – they stepped up and did an absolutely wonderful job. We really appreciate the support they provided us."

-- Philip Coker, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Director of Integrated Platform Solutions on DRASH's participation in Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Capability Demonstration II


June 2008
DRASH™ Customer Support

"I would like to thank you and some of your fellow workers for the timely support you have provided us on the DRASH we are using and especially in the last few weeks. We are trying to integrate an Engineering Development Unit for our Battery Support Center and without you coming bay and/or answering my questions on the phone we would be working in 120 degrees instead of 78 degrees. I have been working out there today and it sure is comfortable."

-- Roy E. Fosnight, Jr, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Staff Logistics Engineer


Winter 2008
DRASH's Versatile Design

"It could handle the strain and stress put on it, not just to run the shelter, but also by what goes on in the shelter. There was ample power left over even after we used the HVAC. Everything was self-contained in the the one trailer. The ability to not only take each shelter unit individually, but make a community of shelters. There are just so many things you could actually do with it."

-- Matt Kallmyer, Deputy Director of Emergency Preparedness, New Orleans


October 2008
DRASH™ as an Incident Command Post

“This is exactly what we need for a command post. In here we can hang up all of our worksheets and talk to one another. We have lighting, hook ups for electricity, printers, and televisions running.”

-- Doug Whalen, Deputy Chief for Brainard Airport, CT


October 2008
DRASH's Mobile Design

"Its absolutely part of the transition from a heavy armor division, to a lighter, faster, more mobile fighting unit."

-- Maj. Gen. Jose Mayorga, 36th Infantry Division Commander


September 2007
DRASH™ Customer Support

"Outstanding support with the demo model that closely resembled the battalion's forcasted purchase. Support team's efforts in setting up the command post was substantial and the demo command and control center was appreciated. The package led to the cussess of our battalion's first collective training event since its activation in January 2007."

-- Maj. Scott Figlioli, 11th Engineer Battalion


Fall 2007
DRASH™ as Fatality Management Centers

"These are the most durable, rugged structures out there. They have been used by the military for years in the field, and are perfect for this type of application."

 -- Frank DePaolo, Director, NYC OCME Special Operations Division


August 2007
DRASH™ as Medical Treatment Facilities

"The DRASH shelters are a big improvement over the GP Medium, a large, heavy canvas tent that was used before the DRASH tent. All you have to do is push the tent up, strap the tent down and you're good."

-- Sgt. Taylor Legget, Nashville, TN, 414th Chemical Company during Army Reserve Red Dragon exercise to simulate and evaluate the Reserve's readiness to handle a catastrophe of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and CBRNE nature


April 2006
DRASH™ Mobile Medical Facility

"We can go anywhere. We can set up anywhere. There's nothing like this currently in existence in the United States."

-- Dr. J. Robert Galvin, Commissioner for the Connecticut Department of Health, speaking about the state's new 100-bed mobile medical facility.


January 2006
DRASH™ Durable Design

"We had to parachute down and set up resuscitation and surgery capability at night. Our Army GP Medium tent that we had at the time would have been labor-intensive and taken up to 1-1/2 hours to set up in the dark, so the team ended up using a DRASH shelter that fit on the back of a HMWWV attached to a parachute and took only 20 minutes to put together. It was actually fun to deploy and set the shelter up. They look fragile, but they are really durable and resistant. In The two-ply flooring system also kept out the pouring rain."

-- Col. Harry Stinger, Army Forward Surgical Team Commander


December 2005
DRASH™ Medical Facilties

"The tents were such a success that many patients wanted to spend time in them even when they were not sick."

-- Nick Lobel-Weiss, Executive Director, Doctors Without Borders, following relief efforts in Northern Pakistan after the 2005 South Asian Earthquake.


November 2005
DRASH™ during Disaster Relief

"The shelters' easy deployability helped us speed up the time it takes to set up. The quicker you can get your shelter up, the quicker you can get your gear together. We couldn't possibly deploy as fast and establish as rapid communication as we did without the DRASH shelters. Thank you for a job well done."

-- MSgt. Kevin L. Meyer, after deploying shelters to help out with Hurricane Katrina


April 2004
DRASH™ Command and Control Center

"…We started with a few DRASH and UST, and now they have proliferated throughout the ADA Branch and the Army. DHS Systems has brought a capability and quality of life to "the field" (where we work) that we heretofore thought unthinkable. My pride in your company, and what it has done and continues to do for our Army, cannot be over emphasized."

"I just returned from Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field, AZ (about 35 miles west and south of Phoenix), where an Air and Missile Defense Task Force is supporting the Joint Air to Ground Combat Exercise. DRASH were set up to support combat operations for the 2d Bn 43d ADA (Patriot). Some of the DRASH and USTs from the 108th ADA Bde were there also to assist in the support. The air conditioning from the ECUs made life inside the shelters very comfortable. However, the 1st Bn 200th ADA (FAAD) (NMARNG) where I did most of my work was conducting operations out of the Army's SICPS. I was exceedingly uncomfortable in my slacks and polo shirt. I could only imagine what the soldiers were going through in their sleeves down BDUs with flak jackets and load bearing equipment. Many were soaking wet from the sweat. A few elected to work in their T-shirts but the heat noticeably affected their performance. The shelter I'm speaking of was less than 50 feet away from the DRASH area."

"My first recommendation was that 1-200 take down the SICPS and back their vehicle up to the DRASH facility. Hopefully, they'll take my advice. I had to return to El Paso in order to get ready for another trip. They had not made the move before I left. The temperature inside the SICPS was over 100 degrees. My experience from Fort Polk in the SICPS showed the computers failing after 115 degrees. Tim and I have seen the temperatures inside the SICPS hit 140 degrees (when the butyl rubber seams begin to melt) during field operations in the desert. That should explain to you why we jumped on the DRASH when my position and opportunity allowed. DHS Systems has certainly allowed our 24/7 mission to be executed in a far more tolerable, if not downright comfortable, environment than we ever expected. My personal thanks go out to you and DHS Systems."

-- ADA Branch