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Speciality Shelters

Many of the best DRASH™ products have been created to fulfill a basic military need. This is exactly the case with the DRASH™ Specialty Shelters, which are manufactured from rugged, reliable materials to hold up even under the toughest conditions.
Entry control point for military tents Entry Control Point
The DRASH™ Entry Control Point offers users a secure, extended entryway in which personnel can control access into any DRASH™ facility.
 Satellite Antenna Shelter Satellite Antenna Shelter
The DRASH™ Satellite Antenna Shelter (SAS) is designed to to provide cover and concealment to satellite antennas up to eight feet in diameter while at the same time providing a working area for maintenance personnel.  
 Self Enclosed Annex Lobby Self Enclosed Annex Lobby
The DRASH™ Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (SEAL) provides an extended entryway to any doorway of an S or XB Series DRASH™ shelter or between two S or XB DRASH™ shelters.
 Mobile Hygiene System 8 Stall Mobile Hygiene System, 8 Stall Complete
Able to be set up within minutes, the DRASH™ Mobile Hygiene System makes it possible to establish shower facilities anywhere, any time. Created by combining DRASH™ shelter technology with a state-of-the-art water supply system, this unique, independently operational design includes private shower stalls and a common wash area with wash basins and benches.
 EMI Shelter

EMI Shelter
The DRASH™ EMI Shelter protects sensitive electronic equipment from the effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and contains Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals generated by equipment within.


 Decontamination Shelters

Decontamination Systems
DRASH™ also offers decontamination shelters and accessories through its subsidiary company Reeves EMS.