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Rapidly Deployable Military Shelters and Military Tents


C Series
Interior Length: 9.7’ - 25.6'    
Exterior Length: 10.5’ - 27.4'
DRASH C Series diagram

S Series
Interior Length Range: 5' - 36.5'    
Exterior Length Range
: 5 - 38.5'

DRASH S Series Diagram

XB Series
Interior Length Range: 4' - 33.6'    
Exterior Length Range: 4 - 35.3'

DRASH XB Series diagram.

M Series
Interior Length Range: 29.1' - 47.7'
Exterior Length Range
: 30.7' - 46'
DRASH M Series diagram.

J Series
Interior Length Range: 51.4' - 58.9'
Exterior Length Range:
52.9' - 58.9'

DRASH J Series diagram.



Part of military training and combat operations for more than 25 years, DRASH military shelters are considered worldwide to be the most proven, tested and trusted infrastructures in use by the military today.

The leader in rapidly deployable U.S. military tents, DRASH shelters are available in 52 models ranging in size from 109 – 1,250 square feet.  Each shelter is fully customizable and can be interconnected to increase or decrease an overall structure’s footprint. 

Additionally, DRASH offers a line of specialty shelters, including entry control points, mobile hygiene systems and arctic tents.

The basic DRASH design consists of a frame with two pre-attached covers and an integrated floor. This means that setting up this portable shelter does not require special tools or dealing with loose parts. The pre-attached double layer of fabric also provides a naturally temperature-controlled environment even without environmental support.

The shelter’s frame is comprised of pairs of struts that connect at key points in the framework called hubs. These hubs allow the shelter to be pushed up and out with no locking devices for quick set up or take down.

The DRASH shelter’s extreme durability can mostly be credited to the advanced technology of its various components. Titanite®, which makes up most of the shelter’s frame, is an aerospace composite with superior structural properties that have been independently tested to be 270 percent stronger than aluminum for the same diameter and cross sectional area. XYTEX is a specially coated fabric that is fire retardant, mildew resistant, water repellent and highly resistant to abrasion and ultra violet rays.

Employing a new shelter technology that is the first of its kind in the industry, DRASH now offers users the option of arming their shelter's with XYTEX500™  a “bound” technology, which provides the same standard benefits as XYTEX but with additional protection against microbes. Upon contact with microorganisms, the advanced ingredients in XYTEX500 disrupt the microbes’ cell membrane resulting in their demise.
All cover fabrics include blackout in the visual and near infrared spectrum and meet Mil-Standard requirements for soft-walled shelters.

Built to withstand the harshest environments, DRASH shelters have met or exceeded all requirements for rain, wind, temperature, durability, blackout and snowload at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) in Maryland.