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DRASH Military Shelters Create the Perfect Emergency Command Center

DRASH Emergency Command Center No one can argue that seeing the big picture in a battle situation isn't important to navigating the many obstacles to winning a war. Communicating this view is even more crucial. In order to make the best decisions, operators need to be able to collaborate with each other quickly between remote geographic locations. DRASH™ DC2E™ and TUFF-TABLES® provide a measure of peace of mind to the battlefield by allowing the commander to control all assets from the comfort of a TOC or command base.

Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E™)

DRASH™ Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E™) was developed by DHS Systems to solve the information management problems facing the 21st century military operator. The DC2E™ provides lightweight, portable communications technology by fusing multiple feeds of information onto single or multiple displays. Special features include touch panel control, high resolution image display, diskless drive and 24/7 operating capabilities.


DRASH™ Tactical Utility Field Furniture (TUFF) Tables are lightweight, rustproof, and durable tables built for field use. Tables are made from powder coated aluminum, include space for storing all your electronic essentials and fold for easy transport and storage.