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The MX Solar Shade is another energy-efficient product from DHS Systems. The Solar Shade is designed to cover DRASH™ shelters and other equipment, providing a buffer from the sun to mitigate the effects of extreme heat. 

The D-1000B Heater is rugged, lightweight, rust resistant, shockproof and easy to operate and maintain, providing 99,500 BTUs/hr of dry, clean heat at a rate of 1,020 CFMs.

A rugged, rust-resistant, rain-tight strip light, the DRASHLITE is available in 2-light and 4-light kits.

DRASH™ Boots are custom designed and manufactured to create a light-tight, weather-tight connection between a vehicle and any DRASH™ shelter.

The Shelter Anchor Bag allows users to secure their DRASH™ shelter or any other equipment placed on a hard surface where staking cannot be accomplished.

The DRASH™ Impact-Resistant Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is built to meet U.S. MIL-STD-810G for high and low temperature operation, weather-resistant operation and drop resistance.

The DRASH™ Universal Adapter PDU allows heavy-duty, three-phase equipment lacking standard military connectors to be connected with DRASH™ power equipment.

Provides shelter power distribution for lighting and accessories.



Contains components and tools necessary to carry out shelter field repairs or replacement of parts.

Provide a weather and light-tight connection between two shelters regardless of series or model.


Used as an optional accessory when deployed to climates where heavy snow is expected and when the S, XB and M Series Shelters will not be heated or unattended for extended periods.

Contains consumable and durable parts necessary to carry out scheduled services and minor repairs for up to six months.

Made from durable Ripstop Nylon, DRASH™ Plenums are used inside S, XB, M and J Series Shelters to evenly distribute cooled or heated air.


The DRASH™ Hard Door offers users a rigid, user-friendly entranceway into any C, XB, M or J Series Shelter.




The DRASH™ Medical Equipment Storage Bag is the perfect solution to having all of your medical equipment available and ready whenever and wherever you need it.

The DRASH™ Turf Cart is designed to easily transport both DRASH gensets and ECUs.



Used to secure the shelters after set up, DRASH™ stake sets are available in multiple sizes and textures.


A lightweight and tight knit cushion for insulation, plus a protective barrier.


Covers mesh screen windows that are built into DRASH™ shelters. Used when ambient light is desired and heating or cooling is required. Comes in individual sets to meet window requirements of each S, XB, M and J Shelter model.


DRASH™ Privacy Curtains, Divider Curtains and Vestibule Curtains divide shelters into compartments.


Used when replacing interior or exterior shelter covers during routine maintenance procedures. Interior keepers available in white. Exterior keepers available in green or tan.