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Military Tents and Trailers by DRASH


Rapidly Deployable Military Tents and Military Tent TrailersThe Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, or DRASH, is a mobile, quick-erect/strike shelter system that integrates shelter, mobility, lighting, heating, cooling and power distribution in one flexible package.

DRASH features six different series of shelters with 52 models of multiple widths and lengths. Although single models range in size from 109 – 1,250 square feet, all shelters can be interconnected, allowing for effective joint operations.

Additionally, DRASH offers a line of specialty shelters, ranging from entry control points to mobile hygiene systems to arctic tents.

DRASH shelters are integrated with special Utility Shelter Transporter (UST) trailers that allow for an integrated support system designed to provide mobility, power and /or environmental control to DRASH shelters.

DHS Systems also offers other support products and accessories that include power distribution unit (PDU) boxes, fluorescent lighting systems, wiring packages as well as portable heating systems for use with any equipment.

One of the company's newest offerings is its Deployable Command and Control Equipment, or DC2E™, which provides lightweight, portable communications technology to the military by fusing multiple feeds of information on to single or multiple displays.

All products are supported by training, continuous technical support and rapid delivery of spare parts.