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Modern Day Marine Attendees Will Get an Up Close and Personal Look at DRASH’s ‘Unit Operations Center’
QUANTICO, VA -- DHS Systems LLC, creator of the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) will display a Unit Operations Center (UOC) at the upcoming Modern Day Marine Exhibition, that will take place on the 25- 27 of September, at the Marine Corps Base, Quantico.
The DRASH UOC will comprise three MX Shelters, all tiled with Bike Track flooring for extra durability. Two of the MX Shelters will connect to form a Combat Operations Center and the third will stand as a Command Center.  
Three HP2C/185 Intelligent Power Technology® Trailers will power the UOC by forming a networked power microgrid that adjusts generators to switch “on” and “off” as power demands fluctuate. Those visitors who stop by the booth will see how to monitor and control the microgrid from inside the UOC, and will learn how the digital system can help cut fuel costs and reduce logistic requirements in support of their mission.
Within the UOC, DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) will demonstrate the highest quality in tactical communications technology. The purpose of the DC2E line is to simplify information management during command and control missions. Visitors who stop by the DRASH booth will get to explore how a Medium Audio Visual Switching System, three medium display systems, an Intelligent Data Distribution System (IDDS), a Microphone System, Digital Clock, and a set of Tuff Tables®  all combine to form a state-of- the-art command and control center.
“DRASH shelters and DC2E work in unison to provide a modular and scalable command and control system for Ground Combat Element support. The total system combines shelter, cooling, power and communications technology in one package that is transferrable, and applicable to variety of missions. The shelters are rapidly deployable as the name DRASH suggests, and they have the ability to transform into an energy efficient communication management powerhouse," said Eddie Hughes, Director of Field Operations for DHS Systems, and a former Marine Master Sergeant with 22 years of service in the Infantry Division.
Visit DRASH at MDM booth # 115
For more information, call the DRASH hotline at 1-877-GO-DRASH and speak with a representative near you.