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Build a Mobile Command Center or Mobile Command Post with DRASH Military Shelters
Build a UAV system with DRASH shelters.

Maintain and Operate a UAV in the Harshest Conditions

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are playing a greater role than ever before in the theater of operations. From reconnaissance to the tracking and delivery of munitions, UAVs provide today’s combatant commanders with the resources they need to accomplish their mission.

DRASH™ UAV Systems help facilitate the operation and maintenance of these vehicles by offering a quick erect/strike system that is rugged, reliable and combat proven to protect both equipment and personnel from the elements. The systems are designed to fulfill multiple maintenance functions, including staging and servicing vehicles during operations or warehousing supplies, as well as to provide the space needed to carry out flight operations from the field.

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  • Unique shelter design significantly reduces set up time and allows personnel to quickly begin their mission.
  • Modular design allows shelters to be used alone or connected together to create larger logistical support or flight operations areas.
  • Turn-key system includes an environmentally-controlled work area, power and lighting to provide users with a mission ready, trailer mounted system.
  • Multiple, various-sized footprints are available to accommodate the full range of UAV systems currently in use with U.S. Military and NATO forces.
  • Tested and proven during training missions held at U.S. Military installation, Fort Bragg.