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DRASH Maintenance and Logistical Support Systems

The DRASH™ Maintenance and Logistical Support Solution

In military science, it is well known that maintaining troops’ supply lines and equipment is one of the most crucial elements of military strategy. An armed force without food, fuel, vehicles and ammunition is essentially powerless. To aid in the maintenance of these items, it is essential that quick erect/strike shelters are available to protect both equipment and maintenance personnel from the elements.

DRASH™ shelters are designed to fulfill multiple maintenance and logistical support functions, including those of warehousing supplies in the field, staging of large vehicles or providing space to perform vehicle maintenance work.







Sample Maintenance Layouts

Design your own DRASH™ Maintenance Facility

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  • Modular design allows shelters to be used alone or connected together to create large logistical support facilities or warehouses. 
  • Shelter doors can be closed tightly against the elements and maintain a consistent temperature to provide a cool, dry storage space for all of your field supplies.
  • Maintenance doors available to accommodate HMWWV, FMTV or UAV vehicles.
  • Fully-integrated electrical and lighting systems provide ample lighting and power regardless of external conditions.