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DRASH Life Support Areas

Launching a DRASH™ Life Support Area

In today’s military environment, frequency of deployment, extreme environmental conditions and the onset of both natural and manmade disasters have increased the need for temporary life support facilities often for days, and sometimes weeks, at a time. Establishing the right kind of temporary shelter can ultimately affect the success of a mission by allowing troops to do their jobs comfortably and efficiently.

That is why today’s military technology has advanced to the point where it is not only being used to provide better weaponry, but to offer agreeable living conditions to those defending their nation as well. DRASH™ Life Support Areas keep out the weather while also providing a quick erect/strike, modular facility that can grow with the size of the mission and offer electricity, environmental control and ample living space.




  • Modular design allows shelters to be used alone or connected together to create mobile hygiene systems, medical treatment facilities, sleep areas or dining facilities.
  • Wide interior widths of up to 31.5 feet allow for enough space for cots, dining tables or recreational components.
  • Built in screened windows and doors allow for natural air circulation and keep insects out.
  • Hygiene facilities provide shower and cleaning amenities in multiple types of environments.