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Build a Mobile Command Center or Mobile Command Post with DRASH Military Shelters
Build a consequence management system with DRASH shelters.

Establish a Consequence Management System during any Disaster

From command and control to decontamination to search and extraction, Homeland Response Forces must be ready to complete a wide range of operations when disaster strikes. As a result, they need facilities that are as versatile and reliable as they are.

Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH™) allow HRFs to establish a fully capable consequence management system that provides personnel the operational flexibility they need using equipment that has already been fielded as part of the U.S. Army’s Standard Integrated Command Post System (SICPS). Available in various sizes and models and with a full line of accompanying support equipment, DRASH™ ensures that HRFs have the proper workspace to complete any mission.



  • Rapidly deployable shelter design with pre-attached exterior and interior liners significantly reduces set up time and allows personnel to quickly begin their mission.
  • Modular design allows shelters to be used alone or connected together to create a larger operational area.
  • Turn-key system includes an environmentally-controlled work area, power and lighting to provide users with a mission ready, trailer mounted system requiring a minimal logistical footprint.
  • Flexible footprint allows shelters to be equipped for a wide range of operations, including as command and control centers, decontamination systems and medical facilities.
  • Full line of accessories, including command and control equipment, water heating systems and bedding supplies, can further enhance response capabilities.