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Build a Mobile Command Center or Mobile Command Post with DRASH Military Shelters
Build a Mobile Command Post or Mobile Command Center with DRASH

Establish Command and Control Within Minutes

Establishing command and control requires access to sophisticated equipment that can capture information from multiple sources and diverse platforms. Unfortunately, conditions are not always optimal for the smooth operation of sensitive technical equipment. Personnel also need a command center that can be deployed wherever and whenever needed, making it a flexible asset on the battlefield.

With a 25 year history of supplying the military with rugged and reliable command posts and tactical operations centers, tested and trusted DRASH™ Command and Control Systems provide the ultimate solution to establishing command and control anywhere you need to be.



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  • Modular design allows shelters to be used alone or connected together to increase the operational footprint.
  • DRASH™ Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E™) combines multiple feeds of information onto a single display system, allowing for the management of assets in real- time.
  • Fully integrated electrical and lighting system provides ample lighting and power regardless of external conditions.
  • Heating and cooling capabilities allow for optimal environmental conditions even in extreme temperatures.