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dc2e screen displays

When it comes to information management on the battlefield, technology that simplifies the gathering and organization of complex data is valuable.

In 2005, DRASH developed its Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E™) to enhance information management during tactical operations. Several components make up the DC2E™ line; each combining to form a complete command and control package.

What makes up the DC2E™ package? Below is a list of products described in more detail.


Display Systems:
DRASH™ display systems help you see the bigger picture by projecting various feeds of tactical information onto one screen.
The screen displays come in six different models to suit the size and demands of your mission. All models project high resolution images and are designed to facilitate visibility from all areas of a tactical operations center. 

The display systems can be easily set up or taken down and can be transported safely despite rough terrain. Depending on model and size, the display systems can pack into 2-4 cases for transport.

DRASH™ display systems are available in: Medium, Large, and Extra-Large configurations but they can be combined to suit a diverse range of mission needs.

Audiovisual Systems:
DRASH™ audiovisual systems integrate seamlessly into any tactical operations center or command post. They work in conjunction with DRASH™ display systems to enhance information management and dissemination on the battlefield. 

Not only do the audiovisual systems have diskless components, but also they do not require additional software, and thus are optimal for mobile operations. These systems enable audio conferencing and combine real time video and computer inputs onto one display so that users can connect to units in distant areas.

Additionally, DRASH™ audiovisual systems include mold, weather resistant transport cases for the control system and accessories so they can be transported without risk of damage.

DRASH™ audiovisual systems are available in four different configurations: Mini, Small, Medium, and Large.


Support Equipment:
On top of the display and audiovisual systems, additional support equipment is available to enhance your TOC even further.

IDDS™: A durable, cost effective way of distributing power and network connectivity throughout a mobile or fixed facility while storing and protecting cables.

Microphone Systems: Easily participate in a discussion with a push of a button.

Clock Systems: Monitor up to four customized time zones.
Remote Monitors: Remotely monitor your power management systems from inside your TOC. 

TUFF-TABLES®: Equip your tactical operations center with durable, rapidly deployable furniture.