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DRASH has built the command post of the future

DRASH™ is recognized worldwide as an exceptional integration of shelter, utilities, tactical mobility and information management. Here's why.

DRASH™ is … Rugged
Patented frame design provides a flex strength 270 percent greater than aluminum. Shelter covers are fire retardant, mildew resistant, water repellent, abrasion resistant and UV resistant.

DRASH™ is … Modular
DRASH™ shelter models, ranging from 109 to 1,250 square feet, interconnect with each other regardless of model or series to increase operational areas as necessary.

DRASH™  Integrates ... Power & Environmental Control
Each DRASH™ shelter can be integrated with a Utility Shelter Transport (UST) Trailer that provides a seamless power package and environmental control system for deploying in extreme conditions.

DRASH™ is ... Packable and Towable
When packed onto a DRASH™ UST Trailer, DRASH™ Shelters can be towed via HMMWV, LMTV, FMTV or non-tactical vehicles. DRASH™ Shelter Systems are also certified for transport via military sea and aircraft. Additionally, shelters may be packed on a 463L Pallet for easy deployment and maximum flexibility.

DRASH™ Meets ... all U.S. Military Standards
DRASH™ Shelter Systems have been tested at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) and the Nevada Automotive Testing Center (NATC).

DRASH™ Provides ... Reliable Technical Support
DRASH™ offers 24/7 reliable product and technical support, including a flexible range of service contracts and options that can be tailored to meet your ever-changing needs.